Often I am asked where should I do?

Where should you start?!

But first ask a question like: where do I want to go? what do I want to achieve in X time from now?  What’s my goal?

Based on your goals, I can tell you what you should do, For myself, in the very beginning I just wanted “to make a lot of money”. It is great to have big goals, but it is bad not to define them, not to define what does “a lot of money” means. So I’m giving you an important tip: make sure you define your goal, what do you want to achieve, till when do you want it.

So, now that you have a well defined goal, your next step is to try to create milestones. So in my story I wanted to make $5 000 per month in 8 months, so what I did, I created milestones: First month: learn and build a website, learn how webhosting works … Second month: Create, build something that will be valuable for my costumers, and make $300 in profit…. And that was a well done job.  

In the other hand, a bad example of planning would be:  First Month $100 , Second Month $500. Third Month $2 500 …. After 1 year $10 000 in a month. NOO, you definitively don’t want to do that.  You will probably quit in your first month,

So, where should I start?   “What do I want” comes first!

Genc, www.eomoney.com

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